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EOS lip balm vs. Baby Lips lip balm

on February 11, 2012

I have recently been told only good things about the EOS brand of lip balm and the Baby Lips lip balm. Both brands come in different flavors but the ones I tried were the Sweet Mint from EOS and Grape Vine from Baby Lips. I love both brands but there are some flaws, the EOS lip balm doesn’t last very long, but it can with stand water when it is on. If you put it on all over your lips it will come right off in ten minutes. The Baby Lips lip balm on the other hand lasts for hours even if you eat something. While putting both of the lip balms on, I noticed that once you felt that the EOS lip balm was all over your lips it took more then one swipe across your lips to be fully ” coated. ” The Baby Lips took one swipe across your lips and you could smell the grape and really feel a difference from your before and after lips. The packaging of the EOS lip balm is my favorite part, it comes in this egg like container. You screw off the lip and inside is literally a large egg of lip balm. The EOS brand sells many different flavors of lip balm, the flavors are:  lemon, tangerine, summer fruit, honeysuckle, strawberry sorbet, and sweet mint. The Baby Lip brand also sells many different flavors of lip balm, the flavors are: cherry, peach, plain, peppermint, grape, and pink punch. If you would like to try either EOS or Baby Lips you can go online to or go to any store around that sells beauty products. Overall I would say that EOS has great flavors and the packaging is fun, and the lip balm does help improves your lip’s condition from dried out to almost perfect. The Baby Lips is my favorite out of any lip balm out there, the flavors are amazing and the lip balm stays on such a long time. Baby Lips Grave Vine flavor is mostly colorless but it does put a little color on your  lips – shine and just more natural color! I would rate EOS Sweet Mint lip balm a 4 out of 5 given the fact that it doesn’t last very long and you have to use so much for it to work on your lips in any way, but the flavor and color is great and EOS can with stand water. I also love that EOS does not crack your lips at all but truly is a good lip balm .I would rate Baby Lips Grape Vine a 3.5 because it makes a great lip gloss, it is shiny and provides color. However, it does make your lips crack and peel which is not what a lip balm should do. I hope that you try both of the lip balms and enjoy them both! Let me know what you think of both of the products and comment below, I always try to  respond. Thanks so much for reading.

– Hannah Kleinman

instagram: @hannahtwf


19 responses to “EOS lip balm vs. Baby Lips lip balm

  1. Natalie says:

    Thanks! I am ALWAYS in need of chap-stick of some sort!

  2. Leandra says:

    I honestly think eos is better because it does what baby lips doesn’t and baby lips breaks and peals skin of your lips and I was told at a mall it should only be used with lips already moistured

  3. Eliza says:

    Eos is much better than baby lips my baby lips turn colors I also like soft lips

  4. bitchplease says:

    Actually i have a few eos , and it comes off and doesn’t last very long. I have used them for over a year and my lips are still cracked. It Imakes you think there moisturized until it comes off. I willl try baby lips and post a result.

  5. Bomquiqui says:

    I have both, one eos and one babylips. I prefer the eos because I actually helps your lips, and I would want to wear a Chapstick to school, and not want a different color on my lips. Babylips lasts longer, but breaks your lips!

    • Hi thank you so much for your comment! And over time, I tried other babylips and I have to agree, they last longer but break your lips. However I have not tried any other eos so my review stays the same! Thank you so much for being a reader it means a lot
      You Are What U Wear Crew

  6. Jamie Chen says:

    i have the sweet mint eos and the peach kiss baby lips. i love the flavor of eos and it lasts for a long time. i think the egg shape is different and unique. it also really moisturizes you lips really well. for baby lips, i love that it has a pigmentation to it because its a lip balm but also like a lipstick all in one. however, one i first applied it, i had cracks in my lips and it made the cracks so much more obvious and the pigmentation kind of clumped in the cracked areas. i think for a daily moisturizing lip balm i would go with eos, but if you already have pretty well moisturized lips and just want some color i would go with baby lips.

    • Hi thank you so much for your comment!!! And yeah after a while using baby lips, I have to agree on what you said. Baby lips is perfect for anyone with basically perfect lips. Thanks so much for your review and for reading our site! I’ll have to give eos another chance because it seems like a good moisturizer but a not very good lip color. Thanks again

      You Are What U Wear Crew

  7. Emily says:

    I have the Summer Fruit EOS and 3 babylips. (Peach Kiss, Peppermint, Cherry Me.) For EOS, I’ve just used it for a couple of hours and I have to admit it feels softer. But when you apply it, it doesn’t glide as easy as babylips. Summer Fruit has an AMAZING smell, and so does babylips. It gives a little colour which is cute but if you want something simple, I recommend EOS. 🙂 For babylips, it lasts for pretty long, and smells great. You can’t taste it but you’re not suppose to anyway. Eos – the egg is too cute. Babylips – it looks so cute as well, i love the colours. I recommend you to try EOS first to see if that works for you. If not, babylips might be. 😀

    • hey! thank you so much for your comment it means a lot when readers take time to write such a great comment! ad I recently bought another EOS in the scent of strawberry. and I have to agree the EOS has a softer finish but as you and I wrote, baby lips has a nicer look with more color and longer wear. EOS is also great now that it’s summer because it helps keep lips shiny. thanks again for writing a comment!!

      the you are what u wear crew

  8. Hannah says:

    Baby lips are tested on animals and eos is all natural with jojoba oil and Shea butter whereas baby lips have a quantity of different chemicals

  9. kayla says:

    Honestly both products are good and it really depends on your lips . some people have extra dry lips and some have smooth lips. i just tried eos and i personally like it better because it keeps my lips moisturized for a long time and didn’t make my lips peel. naturally i have soft lips so my lips will always be soft. baby lips keeps my lips soft and adds color but it makes your lips peel and flake. so when i put more on i have to completely wipe my lips clean then put more on. with eos i could put it on and don’t have to worry about putting more on till after a meal because it don’t flake. now if your like me and drink a lot of fluids eos is the better product to drink with because it doesn’t come off with liquids, baby lips does. just try both and see how you like them.

    • Thank you for your comment! And I have found that over time baby lips chapped my lips as well. But both products are both pretty good, thank you so much for reading and commenting! 🙂

      You Are What U Wear – Hannah

  10. Lyric says:

    I’ve used both EOS and Baby Lips, and I absolutely adore both of them. I personally like to use Baby Lips on top of EOS to add a bit if colour on chapped lips ’cause using Baby Lips on chapped lips is suicide. Not only will it look hideous, it’ll make it worse as well. If you have perfect lips, you could get by with just Baby Lips, but if you’re like me, I’d suggest using EOS as well.

    • Thank you for your comment! And that is a great idea to layer them, but I totally agree that sometimes baby lips can be lip suicide but it would look great on lips that already have some lip balm on them. Thank you for your idea and comment!! 🙂

      You Are What U Wear – Hannah

  11. Lianna says:

    I have only tried the EOS and I will eventually try the Baby Lips but the EOS really improved my lips, before they were cracked and kept bleeding but since I tried the EOS lip balm only for a couple days even I have seen great improvement with my lips.

    • Thank you so much for your comment! Some lips are different and when I tried out the EOS it didn’t really do much for me, but that’s great you saw results! Let me know what you think of Baby Lips!

      Thanks again,
      You Are What U Wear – Hannah

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